BORDERLAND The controversy over building several hundred miles of 30-foot border fence has further embittered the roiling public discourse about what America should be, who it is for, and how it should it be protected. Beginning in spring 2019 I began documenting the new iron and concrete barricade that- with older sections of fence- runs in fits and starts through desert, mountains and border towns, to better know how the fence re-orders the lives and landscapes it cuts across. (Work-in-progress)
ARCHITECTURE These projects look at buildings that distinctly reflect the culture, technology, and practicalities of a certain time and place. Art Deco, Modern, and other architectural styles are rich in clues to the history and aspirations of their builders and lend inspiration and pleasure to those who take the time to take them in.  A particular point of interest for me is the way in which buildings that have been used to advance colonial interests are then repurposed, designated as heritage buildings, or left to fall into ruin- after the colonists withdraw.
LANDSCAPE The desert is an unexpectedly complicated place. "Desert Washes" is my interaction with that complexity, and the light, and especially the grand "otherness" of the desert. Looking closely at desert trees, shrubs, grasses, cactus- arranged by circumstance in ground carved by weather and time- I am quietly drawn into the landscape. (Work-in-progress)
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